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Ready Made

Not all companies can afford to commission their own videos. A cheaper option is to use our off-the peg multi-media packages which can be customised by you to include important unique details. To see how these work click the video below. These are used by the UK Home Office and EU Commission.



Scenarios currently available include:

Pandemic Flu

How will your organisation cope when half your staff are off sick, critical deliveries fail to arrive and your infrastructure is collapsing around you? Aimed at Managing Directors, Human Resource teams, training departments and business continuity consultants, this engaging package enables organisations to confront inevitable problems before they happen. Can you afford not to?

Cost: £295

Fire in office

A ferocious fire rips through an office building. As the management of the site you think everyone is accounted for but can you be certain? How do you contact worried staff and their family? When the office phones don't work, where is your point of contact? These are just some of the many essential issues raised in this training package, which need to be addressed before a distressing incident such as a fire, happens for real.

Cost: £295

Example of video content in the package.

Fire in shopping centre

As the managers of a busy shopping centre you have a duty of care to both to your employees as well as to visitors to the shopping centre. When a fire breaks out how can you be certain that everyone has got out safely? How do you respond to the frantic calls from relatives as well as those from the media? This is a must-have package for businesses operating in a busy retail environment.

Cost £295

Exampleof video content. 


As flood waters rise threatening homes and businesses, you have to face a range of emergencies. You may have no electrics and are working in complete darkness. Around you people may be panicking, not knowing whom to call for help. As well as helping with an evacuation, you may be faced with health risks from contaminated water and a breakdown of communications which threatens everything you are trying to achieve.

Cost: £295. 

Below is a news bulletin example from the training package.


People are falling sick all around you. It's not just your staff but those working in neighbouring buildings. The word legionella is muttered and soon this starts to gather momentum. As the scenario develops, the accusations get louder. You have to cope with anger of the public, the stream of media calls and the visits from officials, while all the time trying to establish the facts of the matter. Preparing to deal with an outbreak of legionella is an essential part of any business continuity toolkit.

Cost £295.

Exmample of one of the videos within the package. 

All Business Continuity Package

- pandemic,
- fire in office or fire in supermarket,
- floods
- legionella
- corporate disasters

This excellent value packge is available at discounted price of £975

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  • It was a pleasure to work with the Training Scenarios team who delivered excellent, innovative training videos on time and on budget. They worked closely with us to ensure the scenarios were realistic and met our precise training obje...more
    Daren Metcalfe Senior Consultant, HP Continuity Services

  • The pandemic flu package fitted the bill for us. We particularly liked the facility to personalise the scenarios . It is simple to use and doesn’t need much chaperoning.
    Victor Wright. Civil Resilience Manager, Stockport Council

  • “From start to finish, Training Scenarios Ltd provided a highly professional service that resulted in a top quality video, perfect for showing how our new ‘app’, Emerge can ensure a smooth, whole-school evacuation in the event of...more
    Stuart Abrahams, Sales and Marketing Director Groupcall Limited.

  • “The Corporate Disaster film has been very useful as a 'scene-setter' to our Training Courses”
    Martin Ohridski Policy Officer. Business Continuity Management - European Commission